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Robotic microscope used for first time in pioneering brain surgery

A neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital has for the first time in Europe used an innovative digital robotic microscope to successfully operate on a dangerous brain aneurysm (bulging blood vessel), potentially reducing the length of such operations.

Mediterranean diet reduces risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy

A simple Mediterranean-style diet in pregnancy does not reduce the overall risk of adverse maternal and offspring complications, but has the potential to reduce weight gain in pregnancy and the risk of gestational diabetes, according to a clinical trial led by Queen Mary University of London and the University of Warwick.

Charles honoured with lifetime achievement award

Dr Charles Gutteridge, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer for the Trust, has been given special recognition in a lifetime achievement award at the digital health summer school.

What's it like working in one of the most war-torn countries?

Arti Garg, Surgical Consultant at Newham Hospital, has just returned from a 8-day trip to Gaza, where she provided much needed surgical support to patients and shared her expertise with healthcare staff. Here, she describes her experience.

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