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The services we provide 

We provide a range of orthopaedic services at our hospitals for patients from across London, Essex and the rest of the country.

Our teams are highly specialised in every aspect of orthopaedic health - from routine hip and knee replacements to more complex, delicate spinal surgery and traumatic injuries. Our services are based at:

Why choose us

We conduct medical research to ensure that we provide the most advanced and successful treatments for our patients. Working closely with the Barts Health School of Medicine and Dentistry, we are investigate new therapies and novel approaches for the diagnosis, classification and treatment of orthopaedic conditions.

We are internationally recognised for our research and in particular, our research into innovative implants used in orthopaedics.

Our team of leading specialists is committed to providing individualised care, finding the most suitable and appropriate treatment for every patient based on sound medical techniques.

We’re passionate about making our patients better and giving them a better quality of life and this website provides an insight into our services and expertise.

Orthopaedics at Barts Health

Below is information which may be of use to both patients and clinicians who are receiving orthopaedic care at Barts Health.