Having your baby at The Royal London Hospital

Having your baby at The Royal London Hospital

Choosing our hospital

We are London’s leading maternity hospital and care for over 5,000 women and babies a year. In 2019 our services we were rated as 'Good' by our health regulators.

We offer a wide range of services throughout your pregnancy starting from before you get pregnant (pre-conception), during your pregnancy (antenatal), right through to after you have given birth (post-natal). If you chose to have your baby with us our expert team of midwives and doctors will work with you to plan a safe and comfortable birth.

Depending on what happens during your pregnancy you have the option of having your baby at home, in our Lotus Birth Centre, our Barkintine Birth Centre or the delivery suite at The Royal London Hospital.

You will be safe, treated with respect and dignity and supported in every way possible if you chose to have your baby with us.

We're accredited by the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and have been awarded Baby Friendly Hospital status.

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Maternity helpline

Phone us on 0203 594 6979 or 6980 any day of the week between 9am - 6pm

Your appointments

  • Antenatal clinic appointments: 020 3594 2572
  • Ultrasound scan appointments: 020 3594 2511

Your pregnancy

  • Low risk preganancies: 0203 594 2367/2563
  • High risk pregnancies: 0203 594 2364/2381

Elvra shares her experience

Sharing experiences

A mother's word

Elvera shares her birthing experience at The Royal London Hospital.

  • RLH maternity feedback

    Mum, Simona and baby Melissa. 

    "We will never forget the lovely sonographer lady who told us we were expecting a girl. Our midwives were professional and supportive and I cannot thank the staff enough for a healthy baby. You are stars!"


  • Baby Aurora, The Royal London Hospital

    The midwife that was with me, Martina, was so kind and gentle, her smile made me feel safe and protected. I was scared but the entire staff was amazing and guided me through the whole process. Depsite all the pain and my birth experience going exactly the opposite as I planned it, I still feel it was the best thing and all the staff who assisted me was great. 

  • Afsara, Royal London Hospital

    I am currently 40 weeks pregnant and I was treated with the most care and respect by one of the lovely midwives who work here. I just wanted to share my personal experience of feeling listened to at the time. She kindly answered all my questions and my husbands (believe me we had a lot of questions too).   

  • Louis S, Barkantine Birth Centre

    My baby is 15 months today and I’d like to give a very delayed “Thank You” to all the midwives who were there for us during covid and post birth. Everyone we met were very professional, kind, caring and thoughtful

  • Jo, Ryan & Baby Cora, Barkantine Birth Centre

    A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all your team for our safe delivery of baby, Cora on 26th October. 

    We had 2 midwives from the Barkantine Centre who helped us deliver our baby. We loved their energy & determination during the pushing stage and felt they went above and beyond in the aftercare post delivery. 

    Overall, despite planning a home birth, we understood that being induced was the right decision. At every step we felt informed, supported and cared for in our birth journey.