Having your baby at Whipps Cross Hospital

Having your baby at Whipps Cross Hospital

Choosing our hospital - Whipps Cross

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Please download and send the completed form to bartshealth.wxmaternityappts@nhs.net.

We offer a wide range of culturally diverse services throughout your pregnancy. This starts from before you get pregnant (pre-conception), during your pregnancy (antenatal) and labour, right through to after you have given birth (postnatal). If you choose to have your baby with us, we have an expert team of midwives and doctors who will work with you to plan a safe and comfortable birth.

Depending on what happens during your pregnancy you have the option of having your baby at home, in our Lilac Birth Centre, or the Labour Ward at Whipps Cross Hospital.

In 2019, our services were rated as 'Good' by our healthcare regulators.

Coronavirus update

If you are having a baby at one of our hospitals 

Due to the unprecedented situation we have to take extraordinary protective measures to minimise the risk of harm for mums, dads, babies and families. We understand that the current restrictions are challenging. Please be assured that we are continually reviewing our visitor guidance in the antenatal, labour and post-natal period, in line with national recommendations to ensure our staff, patients and visitors are kept as safe as possible.

We are continuing to welcome visitors in all areas of our Maternity Services. Please do not attend if you are symptomatic and please see our general visiting guidelines and the visiting guidelines for each of our hospitals for more information. 

Pregnancy / Antenatal: Outpatient antenatal and scanning services are welcoming one partner but no children. Please refer to your individual hospital web pages and site maternity teams for specific detail on which appointments are included for partner attendance.  

Labour: Women admitted in labour and the named birth partner will have a PCR test taken when they arrive in maternity. Those coming in for a planned procedure and their partner will have their PCR done 48 hours before their appointment. 

Postnatal: The named birth partner can visit and stay in the postnatal ward, provided their PCR test is negative.

Partner COVID-19 testing: All partners are offered the test prior to accompanying the woman in labour/birth and on the post-natal ward.

Please note there will be no swapping of birthing partners for the duration of women’s stay. 

Homebirths and birth centres

Homebirths and all our birth centres, including the Barkantine Birth Centre and the Barking Community Birth Centre, are available and offering a normal service.

Cancellation of maternity tours and on site antenatal education 

Tours of the Maternity Unit and face-to-face antenatal education sessions at all our hospitals, are currently suspended. We hope to restart this again soon.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, treatment and vaccine

Overseas visitors to England, including anyone living in the UK without permission, will not be charged for:

  • testing for coronavirus (even if the test shows you do not have coronavirus)
  • treatment for coronavirus

However charges may apply to any secondary illness that may be present even if treatment is necessary in order to successfully treat the condition unless a personal or medical exemption applies.

The Covid-19 vaccine is outside the scope of charging.

Get in touch 

If you have any questions we are happy to answer them for you. Please email the parent education team or for the Whipps Cross Hospital team. The Newham Hospital maternity team can be contacted via email or via phone 020 8090 9999.

Our triage departments are available 24/7, should you need to get in touch.

Stay up-to-date 

Are you pregnant and worried about coronavirus? The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gyneacologists has published a question-and-answer resource. Read it here.

Whipps Cross specialist antenatal clinics

Whipps Cross specialist antenatal clinics contact details




Shared care or consultant led care


Monday mornings (alternate); Mon afternoons (alternate); Thursday mornings (alternate)

Preterm Birth and High Risk Obstetrics

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesday mornings

Multiple Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine

Antenatal Clinic

Monday mornings

Maternal Medicine including Joint Obstetric Haematology, Joint Obstetric Neurology, Joint Obstetric Gastroenterology 

Antenatal Clinic

Monday afternoons

Perinatal Mental Health and Neurology

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesday afternoons

Previous 3rd/4th degree tears and High Risk Pregnancy

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesday afternoons

Lotus Clinic (Female Genital Mutilation)

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesday afternoons (alternate)

Obstetric Anaesthetic Clinic


Monday afternoons

High Body Mass Index

Antenatal Clinic

Tuesday afternoons (alternate)

Breech Clinic


Diabetic Antenatal Clinic


Every Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning.