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Our Project Search Stars: Meet Joshua

Project search Joshua

Joshua Oppong-Mensah works in the Stores department at Newham University Hospital. Joshua joined Project Search in 2020 and his aspirations were to gain a job in the NHS like his mother!

Joshua’s internship journey has been one of many successes. Joshua has excelled from a place of self-doubt and fear of integration into a confident and highly appreciated member of his team.  

With regards to integration, Joshua would admit that he didn’t like interacting with others for a long period of time and would prefer to spend time by himself. He has even declined offers to join a WhatsApp group to socially chat with other interns. He himself admitted at the start of the programme that he wanted the opportunity to improve his communication skills. He also stated that he’d like to improve his organisational skills: whether that be working as part of a team or independently. 

Throughout his placement in the Stores department of Newham University Hospital, these opportunities have been presented to him and he has undoubtedly seized them. The small team of colleagues served as a perfect size for him to thrive. He frequently engages in general conversation, greets upon arrival, and asks questions when looking for clarity. His body language has become so much more positive and participating in conversations has certainly become much more of an enjoyable experience for him as oppose to it being a chore. This all contributed to his mentor scoring him “Excellent” for all areas within communication.

All in all, Joshua’s progression has been exceptional and has shown that hard work, enthusiasm, and the willingness to improve bit by bit, day by day, has led to his success!

Joshua explained how the programme has helped him. 

“I am now able to stand on my own two feet, I feel so prod to earn my own money and help support my family, I have even opened up a savings account for my future.  Project SEARCH and the hospital has played a big part in helping me reach my full potential.  I love working with my team and have become more independent and am more confident in making my own decisions"

Joshua has secured a full-time job which has had a hugely positive impact on his life. He has gained invaluable life skills that have given him the confidence he needed to succeed in the workplace and reach his full potential.  

Beyond the job skills, Joshua continues to speak to new interns at Project Search, talking about his experience on the project and what to expect. he has also made friends with some of the new interns and continues to expand his social friends’ circle.  

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