Behcet's syndrome

Barts Health treats patients with Behcet's syndrome and has a Centre of Excellence which is one of only three centres in the country to offer a clinic of this kind.

Behcet's syndrome is a rare, complex condition that causes inflammation (swelling) of the blood vessels – its cause is unknown. Patients are seen by consultants from different specialties on the same day, rather than having to attend different appointments.

A patient's journey with Behcet's syndrome

To find out more about Behcet's syndrome and information on treatment, please visit the dedicated Behcet's Syndrome Centres of Excellence website.

The Secukinumab in Behcet’s trial at Barts Health

The Secukinumab in Behcet’s trial 

The Secukinumab in Behcet’s trial aim

This study is looking at a potential new treatment, Secukinumab for patients diagnosed with non-ocular Behcet’s Syndrome. This is a randomised placebo controlled trial of either the drug (secukinumab) or placebo and wants to evaluate how safe and how effective Secukinumab might be for participants with Behcet’s disease.

Taking part

If you have been diagnosed with Behcet’s and have previously not responded to first line therapy with topical steroid (mouth wash or skin cream), colchicine or azathioprine, you could be eligible to take part in the trial.

Why is it important?

Taking part could help to make a difference to your quality of life, and in the process assist others in the future.

What should I do next?

If you would like more information about this study, please contact a member of your usual Behcet’s care team, or the contacts below. They will be able to discuss the study further with you, answer any questions you might have and let you know whether you are eligible to take part.

Trial team at The Royal London Hospital


Behcet’s Syndrome Centre of Excellence (London),

Dental Hospital

The Royal London Hospital

Turner Street,



E1 1BB

Tel: 020 3416 5000; Ext: 46089


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