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60 seconds with Nometha Rahman

A pilot functional skills scheme has been launched at Newham University Hospital for staff working across the Trust to achieve level two qualifications in maths, English and ICT. These skills are vital for career progression and personal development.

Staff are given the opportunity to learn new skills or brush up old knowledge, by attending weekly classes at the education centre. The functional skills course allows staff to study alongside work commitments in a supportive environment, as they prepare to sit their level 2 qualification exams this August.

Nometha Rahman decided to join the functional skills scheme so that she could learn new skills in order to take the next step in her career. Nometha currently works as ahealthcaree assistant on Jasmine Ward, but is applying for the Training Nurse Associate programme, which asks for entry requirements including level 2 qualifications in maths and english.

A number of health care assistants already working within the Trust were able to meet the deadline for the Trainee Nurse Programme submissions by stating that they were currently studying for the level two qualifications.

Nometha was thrilled to find out that our Trust offered these courses and believes that it’s never too late to go back to study and try something new!

How did you find out about the course?

I was overjoyed to find out that I had the opportunity to study for the qualifications in my workplace, rather than having to travel to a local college. The functional skills leaflets were handed out in my morning safety huddle and I decided to sign up to the maths and english classes straight away.

Do you feel satisfied with the amount of support that you have received from the course?

We receive sufficient support from Anna Szkola who communicates with us on a regular basis. We get good face-to-face support and contact time from the teachers, and we can work at our own pace. We’ve been given access to an online platform so that we can study at home, and this has been really helpful to revise topics and complete homework.

My classmates are all really supportive, and we’re all mature adults that share the same goal of wanting to push ourselves and motivate each other to pass. If anyone is struggling to keep up or has missed a class, we work together to make sure that person can catch up and achieve the best results.

How has the course helped your personal development?

I always regretted not taking my education further, but improving my maths and english has really boosted my confidence and made me realise it’s never too late to go back and learn new things. I’ve met a new circle of friends who work in other areas across the Trust, so it’s been a nice opportunity to meet new people who share the same goals and interests as me.

What would you tell someone who was thinking of going back to study?

Do it! Although it can be challenging to study alongside work, this course has been a great experience for me.


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