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We're going digital!

There are exciting changes coming to Barts Health as our documentation gets a digital makeover. Starting in October, nursing documentation will be accessed and completed electronically in Millennium, largely via workstations on wheels (WOWs), which will completely modernize the way we work. Preparation is underway for electronic prescribing and medicines administration, which will be introduced along with electronic physician documentation. This means no more paper, improved patient records management, and most importantly, improved care for patients.

The project is being sponsored by the informatics team, led by Sarah Jensen, chief information officer and Charles Gutteridge, chief clinical information officer, with a huge support team from across the Trust. They are joined by Anna Wickenden, an experienced programme manager who will be supported by Rachel Huck as the project manager, Louise Hicks as chief nursing information officer and Raliat Onatade, chief pharmacist.

Daniel Philips, clinical systems director, said “Delivering the digitisation of clinical documentation is one of the largest enablers to help staff in their working lives while looking after patients.”

Electronic nursing documentation will go live in October. Leadership of the nursing project is provided by Louise Hicks, director of development and chief nursing information officer with a strong team of directors and associate directors of nursing, who are the lead nursing information officers for each site. The site leads are: Tris Kerr and Cynthia Zimuto (deputy) for Whipps Cross, Michael Moeller and Nicola Rudkin (deputy) for The Royal London, Andrea McDonnell and Robin Khariuk (deputy) for Newham, and Angela Robinson for St Bartholomew’s with Jason Radley taking forward his advanced practice and digital role in a deputy capacity.

Much like in our personal lives, being digital in our hospitals allows us to share information quickly and easily, and provides access to others beyond our local networks. The Millennium electronic health record already allows staff to communicate with partners, such as GPs and other NHS providers. The medicines management functionality will introduce barcode matching for patient medication, paperless referrals, medication tracking and alerts.

These changes will require commitment from our staff to learn how to use new technology, make the switch to digital, and ensure patients of our commitment to providing the highest level of care. Once transitioned, the digital tools will provide automation, shared information, record patient observations and calculate scores. Ultimately, these changes will provide our staff with more effective time management to provide an outstanding level of care to our patients, helping us get to good and outstanding. In addition, 2020 will see the completion of our paperless journey and becoming a data driven organisation with people at the heart of all we do.


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