Cardiac imaging

Cardiac imaging uses CT and MRI scans of the heart to diagnose various conditions.

Our award winning service is the largest of its kind in Europe, performing thousands of scans every year.

Our dedicated team are committed to providing an excellent level of service and using research to develop the latest techniques.

The service, which is regularly audited to maintain high standards of care, can call on the support of our world-leading consultant cardiologists.

Your scans


cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is an imaging technique that uses magnetic fields and radio waves. It provides high-resolution images and can give very accurate measurements of your heart and how it functions. 


cardiac or coronary computed tomography (CT) scan is detailed X-ray imaging of the heart and blood vessels. This is achieved using multiple X-ray images, a contrast dye injection and computer processing to create cross sectional and 3D images.

Your appointments

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your scan

If you are running late or unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. If you do not attend without letting us know we may discharge you back to your referrer.

If you require a chaperone, or translator or require a family member or carer to attend the scan with you, please let us know. Our waiting space is limited so we are unable to accept additional visitors into the waiting room unless agreed in advance. 

Contact the service

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We welcome all feedback and are hugely grateful to anyone who takes the time to fill in our short survey. There will also be paper copies of this form in the department. This feedback is discussed with all staff and helps us continuously improve our service. 

Information for professionals

CMR and CCT referrals can be made directly via CRS (Barts Health referrals) or via email.

All MRI referrals for patients that have cardiac devices (pacemakers, ICDs) can be made at: Home Page - Pace MRI (  

Devices found to be conditional can often be scanned locally. Please see guidance on the PaceMRI website or email the service.


We would love to hear feedback from our referrers to ensure we can continue to grow and improve our service. Please email us withany feedback you have.