East London Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (ELoPE) group

ELoPEAt ELoPE our aim is to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in our local community, working in partnership with the British Heart Foundation.

Newham, Tower Hamlets and surrounding boroughs have some of the highest levels of childhood obesity and diabetes in the country. We're part of an effort from the local healthcare community to address a problem reaching epidemic levels.

It's a team effort and we couldn’t possibly do this without the support of our patients, partners and the community. Working with schools and local businesses, we want to ensure a healthier future for our area.

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Healthy heart talks for primary schools

We are delighted to offer free healthy heart talks to all primary schools in the borough.

Delivered virtually by healthcare specialists, including doctors from Barts Health. the sessions, which are aimed at year six pupils, are fun, engaging and interactive, and educate children about the importance of heart health by looking at eating healthily, a life without smoking, and keeping active.

To book a healthy heart session on a date that suits you, please email us.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for secondary school teachers

CPR training will soon be mandatory across all secondary schools in England. ELoPE, in collaboration with our resuscitation team, is offering free CPR training to secondary school teachers in the Barts Health catchment area. The training will give teachers the confidence to deliver CPR training to their pupils.

Training dates are offered to secondary school teachers from Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest. Sessions will be held at Barts Health or in the local communityTo find out more or book a session, please email us.

City talks for a healthier workforce

To improve the health of City workers, ELoPE have launched a series of webinars for local businesses led by our team of consultant cardiologists.

The first in the series of webinars is entitled ‘how to prevent a heart attack’ and covers topics including: how to look after yourself; improve wellbeing and reduce sickness and preventable long-term conditions.

There is no fee, but organisation's are asked to make a donation to help raise funds for projects such as the healthy heart school talks. All funds raised go directly towards running the programme and consultants give up their time to support this important cause.

To book a session for your organisation, please email us.

ELoPE high risk clinic

The high risk CVD clinic at Barts Health is a specialist service to diagnose and treat people who may be at particularly high risk of heart disease such as those with:

  • very high cholesterol levels
  • a family history of heart disease
  • heart disease at a young age.

The service is run by cardiology and diabetes consultants as well as a specialist nurses and pharmacists who offer the latest treatments and prevention therapies.

For more information, please contact us.

ELoPE staff drop-in

Now, more than ever, we need to look after the people who look after you. Barts Health has a large and busy workforce including a high number of people from BAME backgrounds whose risk of disease may be increased. We have therefore begun piloting drop-in clincis for staff to discuss their own heart health.