• Maala Kumanan - Consultant Biomedical and Clinical Scientist

    My role as a consultant biomedical/clinical scientist, in one of the busiest labs at Barts Health, is a new one. It involves looking at tissue samples to see if anything is wrong – if there are any signs of disease – and I do a lot of reporting on the tests we do.

    It's a really challenging but rewarding job and I feel that I can make a significant difference to the lives of our patients

  • Heather Dolphin - Quality and Governance Manager

    I'm a microbiologist who carries out tests, looking at things like how well antibiotics work. But in the last 2 years, I have chosen to focus on quality and governance for our new pathology partnership.

    A good quality and governance system ensures that our results that we provide to our patients and medical teams are trustworthy and reliable.

  • Evelina Hepp - Audiologist

    As an audiologist, I carry out tests and support people with hearing and balance diagnoses – from newborns to older generations. I help them to develop and maintain their communication needs and supporting their mental health and life outcomes.

    It’s a really rewarding career and I’m proud to be part of the healthcare science community.


  • Rasheda Choudhury - Respiratory and Sleep Healthcare Scientist 

    My role is to carry out tests that assess, among other things, patients’ lung function, and work to develop a treatment plan to help them manage any conditions they might have, like asthma or sleep apnoea.

    It’s an incredibly fulfilling role, which allows me to champion positive change for patients and their care and to contribute to improving and developing new, innovative clinical pathways.

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