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Just the wicket

School boy cricket player Mohammed Jawad Iqbal praises staff at The Royal London Hospital for the care he received after injuring his eye.

16 year-old Mohammed, who lives in East Ham with his family, was involved in an accident whilst playing cricket at school on 6 May 2022.

Mohammed was rushed to The Royal London to undergo emergency surgery, after a collision during a match that caused a fracture to his eye socket and damage to the muscles around his eye. 

He said: “The operation was so quick; it was over in less than an hour. The operation itself went really nicely, and the staff were very friendly too.

“I was surprised how quickly it all happened; I was discharged the same day.”

After his operation, Mohammed attended two further follow up appointments to check his progress and ensure his eye was recovering as it should. He shared how impressed he was with everyone he met during his visits to hospital.

“The staff were all very nice at follow up appointments. I would like to tell other people how good my experience was at The Royal London Hospital and if someone needs to visit a hospital, I recommend this one.”

Mohammed’s eye is now fully recovered and he is excited to return to the cricket field when he goes back to school in September.