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#12DaysofHiddenHeroes: Aaron Bishop

Aaron Bishop looks at monitor with colleague

In the lead up to Christmas, we're shining a light on #12DaysofHiddenHeroes.

On the eight day of the festive season, we meet Aaron Bishop, head of Site Management at Whipps Cross. 


Tell us about your role 

My Role as head of site management at whipps cross, is to support the site management team to ensure the hospital runs efficiently and effectively. This involves, patients arriving in ED and being seen in a timely manner and a plan of care being implemented. This included supporting other points of access, such as Ambulatory pathways, day surgery and clinics. Once a decision has been made to admit into the hospital, we as a team will work to allocated a bed  to meet the patients requirements.

As part of my role, I  also work collaboratively with the Emergency planning team to make sure that Whipps Cross Hospital is ready to accept patients at any time day and night.

What might surprise people about your role? 

As part of the operational team, and the recent challenges Whipps Cross has face, with Major incident, ICT infrastructure, and On-going Operational pressures, I am always ready to respond day or night to any needs of the hospital.

Proudest patient moment? 

The safe evacuation of 103 patients as a joint collaborative with London fire brigade, London Ambulance service, St Johns ambulance, and Barts Patient transport services, during the recent hospital flooding earlier this summer.

How will you be spending the holidays? 

I'm on call on Christmas eve finishing 8:00 am ob Christmas day. From there I will be enjoying the Christmas festivities with my family. 

However as part of my operational role, I may be required to be on standby across the holiday period as part of the emergency planning team.


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