“I work with a fantastic team…we get on like a family” | News from Whipps Cross Hospital

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“I work with a fantastic team…we get on like a family”

We spoke to Darshna about her role in the anaesthetics department, highlights from the past year and being awarded Star of the Month.

Darshna has been part of the Whipps Cross family for 18 years and has been a team leader for the past 10 years.

1. Hi Darsha, what does a day look like for you?

In the morning, my team and I make sure that all theatres are fully staffed, if there’s any sicknesses we try and cover that along with another band 7 or someone who can coordinate the area.

Then I go to Plane Tree theatres, which is where I’m normally located with my other colleagues, and we get things ready. We have a team brief at 8am and then I go around to every single anaesthetic room to make sure my team are ok, and they have what they need and make sure that everything is running smoothly for them. I also have a chat about any complex cases that we might have on the day.

2. Are there any highlights that you’d like to share?

Over the last few years, I was greatly involved with the pandemic so, at the beginning of the pandemic alongside with some of the consultants and my colleagues we changed the whole of Plane Tree into Intensive Care during the pandemic. It was a huge project and we managed to turn it around in less than a week, which is a big achievement.

I work with a fantastic team of bands 7, there’s six of us and we get on like a family so that helps and it’s good to have that sort of relationship.

Over the past few months, my team and I have been also supporting the booster weeks which were a big challenge, but it was very rewarding to being able to see a lot more patients.

3. How do you feel about being awarded Star of the Month for July?

I’m really not only proud of myself but also to say that without my team I wouldn’t be able to do this, especially my colleagues band 7.

All the work it’s not just done by me, it’s a group effort and it’s thanks to that group effort that we work so well together.  

We cover all of the theatres plus the theatres in maternity and any cardiac arrest so there’s a lot to be done. I can’t do everything on my own and I have a very good anaesthetics team that help me to cover all of this work.

4. What do you enjoy the most about working here?

What I like about here is that you can approach anyone and ask for help and because I’ve been here for so long I know a lot of people, and it helps that you walk around the corridors you feel that you are part of the team because you know a lot people. You say hello to everyone, if you need a favour, I know I can always ask for help, I know I can go anywhere to ask for help and I know people will help me.

For me Whipps it’s like a family and it makes it unique to work here because from the porters to estates, you pick up the phone and they know who you are and they are always willing to help you.


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