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Happy Birthday NHS

It’s been a year since NHS 70 and we look back on the year of charitable giving and fundraising - from a new milestone for robotic surgery to our London Marathon runners and a very special four-year-old fundraiser.

July – Hope Wall

The Royal London Hospital used our funding to decorate their mental health room in the emergency department. The beautiful artwork is designed to calm and reassure patients who have come to the emergency department because they arestruggling with their mental health.

hope wall

August – A new milestone for robotic surgery

This month, our pioneering DaVinci robots treated the 100th patient at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Robotic surgery reduces pain, blood loss and time spent in hospital after surgery.

September – Team ACCU take on Tough Mudder

The staff at The Royal London’s ACCU bravely banded together to take on the gruelling Tough Mudder course. They raised over £4,000 for patients at their hospital.

October – Whole Blood

In a landmark UK study, we are supporting trials of a new life-saving blood product. This could stop patients bleeding to death before they reach hospital.

November – Tilly, the four-year-old fundraiser

After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Tilly was treated at Whipps Cross Hospital. To thank the amazing staff that cared for her, Tilly and her family raised an incredible £12,000.

December – Greatest Gift

It’s Christmas! Being in hospital at Christmas can be a very difficult time, particularly for the youngest and oldest on the ward. That’s why we gave over 2000 children and older people on the wards a present from us.

January – Healthcare Horizons

We launched a new programme to help young people in east London take the first step into NHS careers. It will be one of the largest programmes of its kind, reaching over 1000 students.

February – Barts Health Heroes

We’re proud to fund the annual Barts Health Heroes Awards, celebrating all the amazing staff who’ve gone above and beyond that year. Well done to our Barts Charity awards winners: Rosel Tallach, Catriona Rowland, The Royal London’s ACCU and Whipps Cross’ Acorn Ward!

March – Robotic microscope for surgery

This new hands-free microscope will make surgery faster and more precise – it is likely to reduce surgery times by 10%. The microscope is the first of its kind in the UK and is based on technology used on the space station.

April – London Marathon

This year, we had an wonderful team of 15 runners in the biggest race of the year, including six staff. Thank you to Catriona, Laura, Orla, Kevin, Rosel and Jessica. Between all our runners, they raised over £30,000.

May – Physiotherapy gym

New funding at Newham kitted out their physiotherapy gym with all new equipment. This will help the team take their rehabilitation to another level and ensure patients get the best care possible.

June – Worry Monsters

These soft plush toys are helping children in hospital deal with anxiety around their illness. Children can write their worries on a piece of paper and the Worry Monster will gobble them up!

Worry Monsters


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