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LIVE: Barts Health Heroes - winners revealed!

Live reporting by the Communications and engagement team


  • Our Barts Health Heroes 2024 have been revealed
  • The awards ceremony took place at The Brewery in the City of London on Wednesday night
  • Look back at the action on our live blog
  • Use #BHHeroes2024 on social media
  • Send us your favourite Heroes memories


10.05pm, Wednesday 7 February

Thank you for joining us 

We hope you have enjoyed our live coverage of the 2024 Barts Health Heroes awards. Congratulations to all of our amazing winners!

We’ll be updating our live blog with more pictures from the night.

In the meantime, nominations for Heroes 2025 are already open.

Do you know a team or individual that deserves to be celebrated?



10pm, Wednesday 7 February 

Patients’ choice award 

Fatima collects her Barts Health Heroes award

Our penultimate award of the evening goes to Fatima Begum, speech and language therapy co-worker from Mile End Hospital, who has won the Patients’ choice individual award. Fatima used her own experience parenting deaf children to inform her work with patients. She established a number activities for families including weekly walking groups, home visits and telephone calls, and even theatre trips! She said:

“I get inspired by the positive impact I have on my children as well as all the families I support.” 

Our final award of the evening goes to Type 1 diabetes team at Newham Hospital who are named Patients’ choice team champions for 2024.Our panel were blown away by their teamwork. Physicians, psychiatrists, administrators, nurses and dieticians work as one to get the patients the care they need. 


9.55pm, Wednesday 7 February

Innovation and impact award 

Faraday ward at the Barts Health Heroes

Our new Innovation and impact award goes to…Faraday Ward at Whipps Cross! The team work as one big family and impressed our judging panel by looking out for each other’s mental health. They said: “We laugh, we cry, and we do it together. We work extremely hard each and every shift."


9.50pm, Wednesday 7 February

People’s choice award

Jen Mather collects her Barts Health Heroes award

The People’s choice award goes to Jen Mather, senior sister at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Jen volunteered to be redeployed to a ward in need and showed exemplary leadership skills. She supported a patient involved in a major traffic accident, even contacting the council to coordinate housing support. 

Congrats, Jen! 


9.40pm, Wednesday 7 February

WeBelong award 

Ward 5D wellbeing champions at the Barts Health Heroes

Well done to Ward 5D wellbeing champions from St Bartholomew’s who are named our WeBelong award winners for 2024! Judges loved their ‘Multicultural Monday’ initiative which sees staff celebrate one another’s culture by bringing in food to share. They said: “We printed recipe cards for anyone who wanted to replicate a dish they liked. It had a really good turn out and we had porters, domestic staff, the inclusion team, staff nurses, doctors, housekeeper, and our deputy chief executive Justin Creigh visit the ward and share food with us.” 


8.40pm Wednesday 7 February 

Rising star award 

Ruquyya collects her Barts Health Heroes award

Your Rising star for 2024 is Whipps Cross chaplain Ruquyya Vankad! She impressed our panel by being a calming influence at times of great anguish and distress. She said: “I am an ordinary person trying to make a difference with a smile. I am always trying to turn a frown upside down.” 


8.35pm Wednesday 7 February 

WeImprove award

WeImprove award winners

Congratulations to the 10th floor corridor long waiter care team from The Royal London Hospital who have scooped our WeImprove award. Judges were impressed by their dedication, imagination and good humour in clearing a backlog of appointments. They supported one another with “kindness and laughter.” 


8.30pm Wednesday 7 February

WeLead award

WeLead award winners

Next up is our WeLead award which is presented to consultant anaesthetist Flavio Severgnini. Flavio, who works at Newham Hospital, is described as “an outstanding and visionary leader.” He has spearheaded a number of initiatives in the anaesthetic department including a recruitment campaign and a project to make rotas more fair and transparent. 


8.25pm, Wednesday 7 February 

Living our values (team and individual awards) 

Our first Barts Health Heroes award of the evening goes to our trust-wide clinic rescheduling team who pick up the Living our values team award. The team showed exceptional care, kindness and professionalism dealing with anxious patients whose appointments were impacted by industrial action. 

The Living our values individual award goes to Ramon Rillera. Ramon showed great humility and devotion in his role as vascular nurse specialist at The Royal London Hospital. He said: “I don’t just change patients’ dressings but I also work closely with them so they can independently manage their own wounds.” 


7.45pm, Wednesday 7 February

Charity champions announced 

Well done to the winners of the 2024 Barts Charity awards, who have been announced this evening: 

  • Individual Champion - Suthesh Sivapalaratnam 
  • Team champion - Everyday Impact Advisory Panel 
  • Fundraising (individual) - Nikhil Cascone 


6.30pm, Wednesday 7 February 

The calm before the storm

heroes blog - image

We're getting ready to welcome you lovely lot tonight! Don't forget to use our hashtag #BHHeroes2024 for all your social media snaps. 

We can't wait to see you!


3.30pm, Wednesday 7 February

Trophy talk

A picture of the Barts Health Heroes trophy

At a little over seven inches high and made from solid glass, the iconic Barts Health Heroes trophy takes pride of place in offices and departments across the Trust.

Whose name will be on it tonight?


2.30pm, Wednesday 7 February

Hashtag heroes

Did you know you can follow our Barts Health Heroes awards on social media? Use #BHHeroes2024 to find out what people are saying on Twitter/X and follow our Instagram Stories.

A tweet about Barts Health Heroes


12.30pm, Wednesday 7 February

Barts Charity awards also taking place tonight

Royal London play team accept their Barts Charity award

As part of tonight's ceremony, Barts Charity will handing out their annual awards to staff, volunteers and supporters.

Good luck to everyone nominated in the Individual champion, Team champion and Fundraising individual categories.


12.15pm, Wednesday 7 February

'Humbled, shocked and overwhelmed!'

Jason Morley Smith accepts his Barts Health Heroes award from Charles Knight and Shane DeGaris

Jason Morley-Smith, the lead clinical site manager at St Bartholomew's, said winning a Barts Health Heroes award was an incredibly proud moment: "I was humbled, shocked and overwhelmed... it's nice to be recognised."

Here he is picking up his Barts900 special recognition award from group chief executive Shane DeGaris (left) and hospital chief executive Charles Knight (right) last year.


12pm, Wednesday 7 February

'I will always be indebted to them'

Last but not least is our Patients’ choice team award. The nominees are:

Sage Ward at Whipps Cross. Patients said: "The level of care they provided to my grandfather, who was severely ill from aspiration pneumonia and sepsis, was exceptional and inspiring. They displayed an extraordinary commitment throughout a stressful period."

Whipps Cross nurses Ruth Namukasa and Antoaneta Chausheva were on a flight home from Cape Verde where they assisted an elderly gentleman whose health had deteriorated significantly. They instructed the flight to be diverted to the nearest country.

The Type 1 diabetes team at Newham go out of their way to get their patients the very best care: "We are treated as individuals and feel safe in their care. Because of the team, we can live our lives with considerably less worry and concern."

St Bartholomew’s nurses Mariana Pessoa and Maria Tsiatsiani came to the aid of a colleague who was choking on an evening meal. They said: "Had the nurses not been there, the gravity of the situation may have had a very different adverse endin. I will always be indebted to them."


11am, Wednesday 7 February

Party like Peace Ward

Peace Ward at Whipps Cross celebrate their Barts Health Heroes award

A year ago Peace Ward at Whipps Cross were lifting their Accountable award at Heroes 2023. Judges praised their passion for learning and the exemplary care given to stroke patients.

Who will be celebrating this time around?


10.45am, Wednesday 7 February

'She gave me strength during the most difficult period of my life'

Patients’ choice is a very special award recognising excellent patient care in all its forms, both clinical and non-clinical.

In line for our individual prize this year is Jahangir Alom, emergency medicine doctor at Whipps Cross. Dr Alom regularly hosts work-experience students and mentors aspiring medics from across east London. He works relentlessly to promote diversity and encourage young people to consider careers in the Trust.

Shabana Ali, a sister at Newham Hospital, was working a night shift in triage when a large group of people came banging on the door needing help: a pregnant lady was having a cardiac arrest. Shabana started compressions and saved the lady and the baby. Her nominee said: "I'm so proud of Shabana. She really is a hero."

Fatima Begum, a speech and language therapy co-worker at Mile End Hospital used her own experience parenting deaf children to inform her work in the community. Fatima established a number activities for families including weekly walking groups, home visits and telephone calls and even theatre trips.

Belinda Howell, a community children’s nurse at Mile End Hospital, is described as a "godsend" to premature children and their parents, including those requiring oxygen as a result of chronic lung disease. Our patients said: "Belinda does not know that her words of advice and support have given me so much strength during the most difficult period of my life."


9.45am, Wednesday 7 February

We ❤️ Multicultural Mondays

Food on offer at the 5D Christmas lunch

Our WeBelong award recognises people and teams tackling discrimination and inequality.

Making the final four are the chaplaincy team at Whipps Cross who "extend their support beyond consoling families during times of bereavement and consistently go the extra mile to ensure the well-being of the staff amidst challenging circumstances."

Wellbeing champions on Ward 5D at St Bartholomew’s have made a big impact. Their inaugural 'Multicultural Mondays' (pictured above) brought staff together "to celebrate the beauty of our diversity in the ward. Everyone was invited to bring a dish from their cultural background to share."

Our Healthcare Horizons programme is aimed at getting young people in our east London communities into paid employment. They have worked with 37 secondary schools and offer work experience, online mentoring and career events.

And finally, Ward 6D at St Bartholomew’s are recognised for the way they managed "a very complex safeguarding issue with a long-stay patient. The staff were outside of their normal comfort zone and engaged with the Trust's internal safeguarding team as well as external partners."


9am, Wednesday 7 February

Final preparations for tonight

Good morning and welcome back to our Barts Health Heroes live coverage.

Final preparations are being made for the event, which takes place this evening at The Brewery in the City of London.

We'll be previewing our final three awards this morning and building up to the ceremony which celebrates the very best of our trust.


6pm, Tuesday 6 February

'His morale was lifted enormously'

Bernard and his dog in the square at Barts Hospital

In the running for our all-new People’s choice award this year is Jack Collins, a ward clerk at The Royal London. Jack’s positive attitude is infectious. A master collaborator, "he sees good in others and makes us shine, regardless of who we are."

Jen Mather, a senior sister in critical care at St Bartholomew’s, volunteered to be redeployed to a ward in need and showed exemplary leadership skills. She supported a patient involved in a major traffic accident, even contacting the council to coordinate housing support.

David Buttery (pictured above), a site manager at St Bartholomew’s, reunited a long-term patient with this beloved dog: "As he was on a ventilator this was challenging to arrange and we needed additional equipment. His morale was lifted enormously which is, in his caseis critical to his recovery; he was starting to lose the will to fight."

Whipps Cross health care support worker Ajay Desai is the "engine room" of theatre 7 team. He "leads from the front" preparing for complicated gynaecological procedures but "often goes unrecognised."


5.15pm, Tuesday 6 February

'Shining a light on hidden heroes'

Glenn Hoddle and Steve Edmondson on the Good Morning Britain sofa

New to 2024 is our Innovation and impact award which celebrates teams that have made a real difference.

In the final this year are the Communications and engagement team who, through their work in the media, at events and in our hospitals, "work tirelessly to ensure staff feel valued and represented" and whose work "shines a light on hidden heroes."

Also in line for the award is the Rapid access penicillin delabelling clinic at St Bartholomew’s. Their unique and innovative service has tested over 100 patients for allergies before surgery.

Our trust-wide Applications support team have re-built around 8,000 clinics, making around 1.5 million clinic possible. You said: “If heroes have keyboards, this is who they'd be.”

And finally, Faraday Ward at Whipps Cross is praised for its wellbeing support for team members. They said: “We laugh, we cry, and we do it together. We work extremely hard each and every shift.”


4pm, Tuesday 6 February

'She is a breath of fresh air'

Our rising star award is presented to an individual who has shown exceptional promise and made a significant impact.

Shortlisted this year is Aisha Ali, lung function co-ordinator from St Bartholomew’s, who is "always positive in reaching goals and targets, and motivates her team members."

Ruquyya Vankad, a chaplain at Whipps Cross, is "a breath of fresh air" known for her calming influence and bringing joy to moments of despair.

Rumbi Mutema, acting director of midwifery, also at Whipps Cross, always has a smile and time to stop and speak to staff and is praised for her open door policy.

Katie Sharp, paediatric speech and language therapist at The Royal London, is recognised for her "energy, persistence and determination" in getting young trauma patients the help they need. Katie said: "It would mean a lot to be recognised for the hard work to better the lives of such vulnerable young people."


3pm, Tuesday 6 February

Campaign to cut dangerous gas is among WeImprove finalists

Valve measures amount of NHS medical gas

Our WeImprove award recognises brilliant teams with quality improvement at their core.

Vying for the award this year are the 10th floor long waiter care team at The Royal London Hospital. Described as “the best of Barts Health” they have moved mountains to get the people of east London the care they need.

Hot on their heels are the trust-wide e-rostering team. They said: “We are at team of 17 who train the trust to use the tools that ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time!”

Also finalists are members of the nitrous oxide mitigation project. Barts Health is the worst trust in the UK for nitrous oxide wastage. Their hard work is expected to save 3,200 tonnes of CO2 a year. Wow!

And finally, a project to reduce harm in Whipps Cross maternity is up for the big award. A number of changes have helped to reduce serious incidents in the department.


2pm, Tuesday 6 February

Leading by example

Our brand new WeLead award celebrates the very best examples of leadership from across our trust.

Shortlisted this year is Will Procter, a senior cardiac physiologist at St Bartholomew’s, who helped a Project Search intern thrive in their new role.

Newham’s consultant anaesthetist Flavio Severgnini “takes personal responsibility for making tough decisions. His vision is clear, and he exhibits impressive leadership skills.”

Mamoun Abu-Habsa , a critical care consultant at both St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London, was instrumental in setting up a pan-London critical care transfer service.

And finally, Jolene Lapslie, a lead dental nurse at The Royal London, is an outstanding mentor and manager. She said “I feel very humbled to have been nominated.”


11am, Tuesday 6 February

'One of the biggest achievements of my life'

Looking to take home the Living our values individual award this year is Sara Hammond, transfusion practitioner at St Bartholomew’s who "worked tirelessly" to improve the hospital’s blood traceability rates.

Ramon Rillera, vascular clinical nurse specialist at The Royal London, is shortlisted for his "amazing work to reduce life-limiting amputation." He called his own nomination "overwhelming."

Kate Earwicker, acute oncology lead nurse at St Bartholomew’s, arranged a same-day GP appointment for a patient she was worried about. She said: "I saw it as my job to ensure they received the help they needed… just as I would want [for] a family member or friend."

And finally, volunteer Bhuvan Singh is a familiar face at Newham and known for helping visitors and befriending lonely patients. He said winning the award would be "one of the biggest achievements of my life."


10am, Tuesday 6 February

Who's up for an award tomorrow night?

Staff member celebrates at the Heroes awards

Good morning and welcome to day two of our Barts Health Heroes live blog. 

Today we’re previewing our fantastic finalists and revealing exactly why they have been nominated by their patients and peers.

First up is the Living our values award, which will be handed out for the very first time. 

Nominated in the team category is our trust-wide clinic rescheduling team who showed enormous compassion when rearranging appointments, particularly during recent strike action.

Also in the running are the dental outpatient supervisors from The Royal London Hospital, praised for their "inclusive, warm and welcoming approach."

"Dynamic duo" Theresa and Kumbi, endocrine nurse specialists at Newham Hospital, are nominated for their attention to detail during very difficult procedures.

And last but not least, our obesity team "advocate on behalf of their patients" and "regularly think outside the box".

Find out more about our finalists including their reaction to being shortlisted.


5.00pm, Monday 5 February

More coverage tomorrow

That's all folks sign from Looney Tunes cartoon

That's a wrap on day one of our Barts Health Heroes live blog.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage.

We'll be back tomorrow as we begin previewing our fabulous finalists.


3.15pm, Monday 5 February

A look back at last year

Blackthorn ward celebrate their Heroes award

There was lots to celebrate at Heroes last year, including the 75th anniversary of the NHS and Windrush, Newham Hospital's 40th birthday, and the 900 years of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Our 2023 winners included Blackthorn ward at Whipps Cross Hospital who were the last team to scoop our Equitable prize.

They were described as "the epitome of a diverse and inclusive workforce... they pride themselves on inclusivity, fairness to all and inspire each and every member in the team on a daily basis."

Worthy winners indeed!


1.40pm, Monday 5 February

Who wins at Heroes?

Endometriosis team win at the Barts Health Heroes awards

All staff members and volunteers are eligible to win a Barts Health Heroes award. Nominations are open all year round and include those from patients.

It doesn't take long to put someone forward who you believe has gone the extra mile. You can even follow our handy guide.

Nominations for this year's awards were made before 1 October 2023 and our expert judging panel reviewed 1,256 nominations in total.

This year's finalists were announced in December.

Who wins will be revealed on Wednesday night...


12.30pm, Monday 5 February

New awards for 2024

'Heroes' is back, but not as you know it...

In July we revealed ten new award categories open to teams or individuals, including Rising Star and Patients' Choice.

The changes were made after feedback from staff.

The new categories will help to showcase all of the incredible work taking place in our hospitals and offices throughout the year.


11.30am, Monday 5 February

Welcome to our live blog

Good morning and a very warm welcome to our live blog as we countdown to the 2024 Barts Health Heroes awards.

Excitement is building for what is undoubtedly the biggest event in the Barts Health calendar.

On Wednesday night over 300 people will descend on The Brewery in London to celebrate superstar staff members and volunteers from right across our trust who you believe have gone the extra mile.

There are ten awards on offer, plus three more from Barts Charity.

We'll be building up to the event, showcasing our nominees and revealing the winners - as it happens!


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