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‘Millennium month’ 30 day challenge

In October 2019 the rollout of electronic nursing documentation across the Trust will commence, eradicating the use of paper documents for about 80% tasks. This will be a significant change to current practice, but will hopefully improve the quality and efficiency of care delivered to patients, and will improve the working lives of all healthcare professionals through easier access to patient records,
including contemporaneous clinical data from a variety of sources.

The 30-day challenge aims to prepare staff for introduction of the electronic system in their clinical areas by identifying a task to be undertaken by all staff each day for one month in August and September 2019. These range from simple tasks such as ensuring that equipment is available and working to more complex activities involving interaction with the current or future electronic systems.

All teams involved in the challenge should provide feedback through their allocated superusers and Site Nursing Informatics Officers regarding both successes and challenges in order that learning may be shared throughout the Trust at large.

The challenge document is available below as both a printable poster (A3 or larger) and as an electronic version that can be displayed and completed on a large computer screen either in Site Safety Huddles or individual clinical areas.

WI30DC_int_final.pdf [pdf] 134KB


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