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Whipps Cross staff are heroes who helped me recover from COVID-19

On Saturday 14 March, Elliot Bourne was admitted to Whipps Cross Hospital with suspected COVID-19. He had been deteriorating for six days with coughing, breathing difficulties and a 40 degree temperature. Three days after being admitted to an isolation ward his fears were confirmed – that he had COVID-19. Elliot has now recovered and he spoke to us about his experiences and to praise the staff who were involved in his care.

“I was picked up by an ambulance after my wife called 999 and the paramedics discovered that my lungs were working at 40%. This was a shock as I am normally fit and healthy with no underlying health conditions. Even more surprising was that it was discovered that I had severe pneumonia upon instant checks at Whipps Cross Hospital and I was admitted onto an isolation ward. It took a further three days until I had confirmation of what we were all fearing – that I had COVID-19.

“I was put onto an oxygen machine and remained on this for seven days while my temperature, coughing and breathing difficulties subsided. My family were extremely worried when they found out that I would need to be placed on an oxygen machine. It was originally thought that I had fought off the virus and could go home, but tests proved the pneumonia had taken a toll on my respiratory system, so I would have to use an oxygen machine until I was strong enough to breathe on my own again. Being isolated was difficult as my family and friends were not able to come and see me, but the doctors and nurses helped to manage my anxieties and made me feel at ease.

“I was lucky enough to not need to be placed on a ventilator and I spent the majority of my stay at Whipps in isolation on the Nightingale Ward, rather than in intensive care.

“I cannot praise the staff at Whipps Cross enough, they truly are heroes! I am indebted to them and to my friends, my family and my faith. All enabled me to keep my spirits high as I went through this traumatic experience. The doctors and nurses involved in my care said that the only thanks they needed was my recovery, but I feel that this isn’t enough. I would like to mention in particular Mohammed, Nora, Valery & Jasmine. You made a traumatic and frightening experience easier to deal with.

“I'm much better now and I am on my way to complete recovery. Mentally I'm dealing with the trauma of it all and physically I'm slowly getting back to my fitness, but with the support of those close to me I know I will be able to fully recover.

“My advice to anyone reading this is to take this virus very seriously. Stay inside and follow government guidance but most importantly, try to keep your spirits high, keep in constant contact with your loved ones and stay safe.”


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  1. Sheila.Ramdial Monday, 20 April 2020 at 02:53 PM

    I am.a nurse at.Whipps Cross Hospital. I am so proud.of my colleagues they are NHS Whipps Cross Heroes well done guys u make.so proud to be a staff at Whipps xx❤