Community nutrition and dietetics

The Nutrition and Dietetic Service delivers services to residents in Tower Hamlets and consists of a team of dietitians, nutritionists and dietetic support workers. We are part of a wider team of dietitians working across Barts Health.

We provide evidence based information on food and nutrition related issues. This is either through the promotion of good eating habits or in the dietetic treatment of diseases and disorders.

We work within a wide variety of settings across the borough including in schools, patients’ homes, the local authority and voluntary and community groups.

We are experts in diet and nutrition and therefore encourage health professionals in Tower Hamlets to contact us for advice on any nutritional matter.

We accept clinical referrals for house bound patients at risk of malnutrition. Eligible referrals should have a completed Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST), with a score of two or more. A dedicated home enteral tube feeding dietitian is also available for patients in the borough that require enteral tube feeding.

Accessing the Community Nutrition and Dietetics Service

People can be referred by any member of the healthcare team using the SPA referral form.

Tel: 0208 223 8749

Community Nutrition and Dietetics Service for clinicians

The Tower Hamlets Community Dietitians only accept referrals through the Single Point of Access (SPA). Please contact SPA on 0300 033 5000 or for a copy of the referral form.

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