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A sincere welcome to our porters

Today we welcomed 275 porters into Barts Health from Serco. This follows our security and reception teams that joined us in November following our decision to bring our soft facilities services back in-house. 

Follow one of our porters today

Our porters travel all over our hospitals, taking patients to where they need to be. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of our porters, follow their day as one of our porters from Newham Hospital takes over our trust Twitter account.

What's coming next?

A further 1,300 catering, domestics and helpdesk staff from Serco will join us on 1 May in the final stage of the transition. Already, our cleaning teams have been road-testing innovative new products to enhance our cleaning service. At an event last month, they looked at systems, cloths and chemicals, equipment and new technologies such as robotics, ultraviolet cleaning, and hydrogen peroxide vapour so that we can provide a safer, cleaner environment for our patients. 

Following the transition of employment from Serco to the trust, we will work with teams to make further improvements to the way our soft facilities services operate to improve the experience for patients, visitors and staff.


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