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Stop men dying too young

One of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has been an enormous increase in the incidence and prevalence of mental health problems, in the general population but particularly amongst healthcare workers.

The impact of the pandemic and lockdown has been especially catastrophic for those already suffering from mental illness. The NHS as a community needs to build upon the increased awareness of the importance of mental health and the need for an open and non-judgemental approach to discussing it.

An additional effect of Covid-19 is that it has irrevocably altered men's facial hair fashions, mandating an end to non-PPE compliant beards and facilitating tentative experiments with fit-testing approved moustaches.

Some consultants in The Royal London Hospital Acute Medical team, who identify as male, are participating in ‘Movember’ and growing moustaches under their masks to raise money for men’s mental health charities, amongst others.

Movember is saving and improving men’s lives through projects focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. The Barts Health team are currently in the top twenty fundraisers in the emergency services category in the UK, and they are looking to climb higher.

Whitechapel Whiskers are raising funds and awareness this Movember, and you can donate here.


Barts Charity can also support with fundraising ideas and demonstrate how you can make a difference to patients at your local hospital.


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