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We offer a range of essential and specialist services across Barts Health.

To find the service you are looking for please use our A-Z catalogue. Select the first letter of the service to access the right information, for example click 'M' for maternity.

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  1. Dental: Dental health
  2. Dental: Dental Hospital
  3. Dental: Oral surgery
  4. Dental: Referring to our dental services: Referring to our dental services
  5. Dental: Restorative dentistry: Restorative dentistry
  6. Dental: Special care dentistry: Special care dentistry
  7. Dental: Student treatment clinics: Student treatment clinics
  8. Dermatology: Dermatology
  9. Diabetes: Diabetes
  10. Diabetes (paediatric): Paediatric diabetes
  11. Dietetics: Paediatric dietetics

Accessing emergency care

Accessing emergency care

Accessing emergency care

We provide emergency care for our local communities across north east London and beyond.

You can visit one of our three emergency departments if you need urgent help.

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Consultant Sujatha Thamban

Find a consultant

Our consultant directory offers information on who our consultants are, their specialities and where they are based.

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Cancer patient and cancer nurse talk in chairs at St Bartholomew's Hospital

Patient information leaflets

Our patient information leaflets provide guidance and advice to patients, carers and visitors on a number of services that we deliver.

Each leaflet is reviewed every three years so that readers have up to date information.

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