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We celebrate our longest serving members of staff at the Long Service Awards

Congratulations to all those who received an award at the Long Service Awards 2019.

Thanks to the generosity of Barts Charity, we are delighted to be able to recognise all those staff having worked for Barts Health for 25, 30, 40 and 50 years. Due to the large number of our staff who have clocked up 15 years' service, we’ve organised a separate event to acknowledge the 500+ staff.


25 year awards. This takes us back to 1994 and you may remember some of these memories from that year: 

  • The first passengers travelled through the Channel Tunnel
  • Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa’s first black president
  • The NHS organ donor register was set up
  • The ‘Save Barts Campaign’, which existed in 1992 and 1996, was in ‘full swing’

90 staff have worked for Barts Health for 25 years.


30 year awards, this takes us back to 1989 and you may remember some of these memories from that year:

  • The House of Commons was televised for the first time
  • The White Paper ‘NHS working for patients 1989’ was published
  • 1989 saw the inauguration of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service at the London Hospital

Over 50 staff have worked for Barts Health for 30 years.


40 year awards. These are some events from 1979:

  • Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to be elected as UK prime minister
  • Supertramp’s ‘Breakfast in America’ became the number 1 album in the USA
  • Sony released the Walkman
  • Inflation rose to 13.4%

Nine staff have worked at Barts Health for 40 years.


Chairman of Barts Health Ian Peters said: "I’d like to give thanks to one other member of staff who is not able to attend this evening. Thomas Sheppard, porter at Newham is celebrating 50 years of continuous service with us this year. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a remarkable achievement  - he started in 1969 when the NHS would the NHS would have been celebrating becoming 21! Last year you’ll recall we celebrated its 70th anniversary.

"Thank you for your unstinting long service - tonight we’ve celebrated truly remarkable dedication to Barts Health."


50 years ago:

  • The UK was using a different currency – pounds, shilling and pence!
  • On 20 July 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the lunar surface.  It was watched by an estimated 500 million people worldwide - the largest television audience for a live broadcast at that time. Neil Armstrong became first person to step onto the moon just before 3pm the next day.
  • The Ford Capri was launched
  • Kes film was released at the London film festival


25 years of service

Anne Claydon

Charlotte Pratt

Olatilewa Banjoko

Mahendra Jugnee

Kim Webster

Tasleem Iqbal

Jacqueline Smith

Susan Cordwell

Bhavanee Manogaraan

Yasin Abdi

Idowu Okafor

Alison Cartland

Thomas Sheridan

Michelle Munro

Julia Miller

Ivy Kua

Deva Payaniandy

Carol Nkeabu

Carmelina Cassese

Jessica Sullivan

Claire King

Gareth Davies

Grant Thacker

Kenny Hanlon

Suzanne Jones

Yvonne John

Anne Rathmell

Raymond James

Genevieve Cofie

Yunus Mangera

Mary Ukpabi

Michelle Walters

Annmari Johnson

Mark Emberson

Saleha Juned

Carol Bernstein

Melanie Gillett

Kathleen Higginson

Daniel Berney

Sarah Way

Tony George

Susan Goff

Alison Claydon

Kim Parsons

John O'Sullivan

Katherine Durman

Sharon Skavydis

Manjit Judge

Avril Tingling

Elizabeth Aremu

Imelda Sotto

John Uwegba

Angela Byfield-Coke

Norman Bertram

Sharon Carty

Julie Osborne

Koysor Miah

Olufunke Durosinmietti

Wayne Parris

Adriana Mitchell

Marinah Lamey

Cynthia Morrison

Margaret Bahmane

Caroline Mullings

Jane Ewing

Lynne O'Mahony

Christine George

Lesley Staab

Deborah Wall

Patricia Ding

Ann Storey

Kay Willis

Sandra Kavanagh

Deirdre Ray

Jillian Bance

James Johnson

Amanda Russell

Anne Hall

Kelly Adams

Sharon Lendzion

Hawa Deen Conteh

Gillian Kearsley

Kevin Herbert

Leoncio Zipagan

Elpidio Facunla

Andrea Redmill


30 years of service

Paul Barker

Debra Thomas

Susan Denyer

Christopher Thomas

Monica Belgrave

Geena Johnson

Bhadrasen Parmar

Lesley Bain

Mary Tuite

Edward Cook

Christina Gonzalez

Rita Ames

Ruby Fong

Toundjay Seid

Gillian Smith

Geraldine McLay

Heather Saville

Surinder Venkanah

Peter Josephs

Michelle Hull

Patricia Hunter

Nelufa Khatun

Sabiha Choudhury

Paula Horgan

Sarah Mills

Lisa Michna

Kelly Herbert

Dionne Fennings

Asma Khanam

Monowara Rahman Zaman

Marie Edwards

Paulette Edwards

Teresa Dodwell

Dean Gittens

Denise Lawrence

Ingrid Louis

Barbara Sribalan

Carol Osbourne

Denise McEneaney

Keiran McLaughlin

Amelia Pullin

Tina Kayini

Janet Barnes

Arnaz Munshi

Sharon Lendzion

Delroy Lee

Russell Turner

Leonard Hockey

Barry Humphries

Michael Everett

Pauline Boston

Claire Williamson

Brian Franklin


40 years of service

Steven Isaac

Joan Wood

Leonora Costales

Carol Watts

Piers Plowman

Patricia Vaughan

James Beattie

Paul Reid


50 years of service

Thomas Sheppard


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