Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance is the only helicopter service in the capital providing emergency medical care. It operates from the roof of The Royal London Hospital and can be at any point within the M25 in under 12 minutes.

The helicopter, and fast response car team, offer a specialist emergency service to the 10 million people who live, work and commute within the London area. Our missions range from performing life-saving surgery at the roadside after major traffic accidents to disaster management following terrorist incidents.

Our team of doctors and paramedics provide pre-hospital medical care to victims of serious injury at the scene of the incident. They perform medical procedures that are normally only carried out in hospital emergency departments.

Why choose us

London’s Air Ambulance has an international reputation for pre-hospital care and we have been delivering life-saving services since 1988. Ours was the first air ambulance team in the UK to take an experienced trauma doctor and paramedic to the scene of serious incidents – which has been shown to give patients the best chance of survival.

Dr Gareth Davies, Chair and Medical Director, says: "Since our formation in 1988, we have pioneered new medical treatments that are now used around the world. In effect, the helicopter is a mini A&E, fully equipped with a range of drugs, emergency surgical kits and monitors so treatment can begin immediately."

London’s Air Ambulance, along with the fast response car unit, forms part of The Royal London Hospital’s trauma service (ADD LINK). We are often the first medical presence after an accident, and have responded to many major incidents in London. Missions commonly involve serious road traffic collisions, falls from height, industrial accidents, assaults and injuries on the rail network.

The service delivers specialist intensive care, and is able to reach people very quickly – we can be anywhere within the M25 in under 12 minutes. This has not only saved lives, but helped more patients return to a normal life, avoiding long-term complications.

The team always includes a senior trauma doctor and a specially-trained paramedic. They perform resuscitation and advanced medical interventions, including surgical procedures, which are normally only found in a hospital emergency department. We also provide expertise in mass casualty situations, both at the scene and in hospital – and are trained in treating chemical, biological and radiological injuries.

For major incidents, the helicopter may be used to deliver further medical teams to the scene, transport equipment and blood, fly patients to the nearest hospital, or take patients out of an area to relieve the local medical facilities.

Our service continues on arrival at the Emergency Department and can include imaging, surgical intervention, intensive care, ward care and rehabilitation.

For clinicians

London’s Air Ambulance is based at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The helipad is located on the top of the 17th floor of the hospital, 280 feet above the streets of London. Patients who are brought to The Royal London by air ambulance are taken straight to the specialist area in the emergency department via a dedicated lift.

The team at London’s Air Ambulance deals with a high concentration of complex cases, and as a result we have some of Britain’s leading specialists on our team. All our patients benefit from this expertise. In addition, our teaching hospital status means that we have a higher proportion of doctors and nurses to patients than non-teaching hospitals.

Tel: 020 7943 1302
Fax: 020 7247 6764

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