Your birthing options

Your birthing options

Labour and delivery options


We provide Homebirth cover to low-risk women in our catchment area. Care is provided by the Community Midwives. There will be a new Homebirth Service at the beginning of 2023.

Lilac Birth Centre

Update as of October 2022

We have temporarily relocated our birthing centre to our labour ward, while we review our staffing levels to safely deliver this service as normal. Like many other hospitals across the country, we are experiencing a shortage of midwives and have a rigorous recruitment plan in place to help improve this.

We have created two birthing rooms like those in our birthing centre which will allow expectant mothers who wish to have an active, midwife led birth, to still have this option available to them.

If you have any questions about this labour and delivery option, please contact Holly Eastlake.,

Labour ward

Our rooms are situated on the ground floor of the Maternity building. There are 10 birthing rooms, one birthing pool and each room has their own en suite facilities.

We offer continuous fetal monitoring for pregnant women who require it in labour via a cardiotocography (CTG) machine. We offer the option of  telemetry (cordless and waterproof transducers) so you can mobilise more freely and be immersed in water whilst having your baby’s heart rate monitored.

Elective Caesarean deliveries

We have elective caesarean delivery lists on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. For most uncomplicated Caesarean deliveries, you will be eligible for the enhanced recovery programme. This means that you will be given regular pain relief, your urinary catheter will be removed in the late afternoon or evening so that you can start mobilising early with the view of enabling you to be discharged the next day if you are well.

Pain relief in labour

We have all the pain relief options available and this can be discussed in more detail with your midwife during your pregnancy. 

Birthing partners

You can have up to two birthing partners during labour and birth. However, if you require an elective or emergency caesarean only one birthing partner is allowed in theatres.

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