Resources and additional support

Resources and additional support

Supporting you

You can find useful information and support on this page such as how to stop smoking, contact details for bereavement support and more.

Getting the support you need

Stop Smoking Information

Stopping smoking will help both you and your baby immediately. Find supprt on how you can do this on the NHS website.

Delayed Cord Clamping

Find out what delayed (or opitmal) cord clamping (DCC) is and how it can benefit you child.

Going Home: Our guide to postnatal care at home

This leaflet will provide you with important information about feeding your baby

Infant Feeding

We work very closely with Community Groups who will be able to support you regarding feeding your baby once discharged from the hospital.

Colostrum harvesting

Find out the benefits of antenatal colostrum harvesting.

This website provides advice for parents, young people and pregnant women, and clinical resources to support healthcare professionals – which means that your child is likely to receive consistently high-quality care, irrespective of which healthcare professional they see.

Patient information leaflets

Please find below some of our patient information leaflets, we will be adding more soon:

  • Aspirin in pregnancy

  • Having an outpatient induction of labour

  • Having an inpatient induction of labour

  • Pain relief in labour

  • Sterilisation at the time of Caesarean birth

  • Testing for coronavirus for women admitted to hospital while they are pregnant

Baby Buddy app

This Baby Buddy app is a free go-to pregnancy and parenting app developed by the UK charity Best Beginnings. The information is trustworthy and evidence-based. 

Useful information: Key contact numbers, visiting times and parking

Here are some contact numbers and email addresses that you may find useful. You can send your non-urgent question to our midwives, by emailing the team at xxxx. You can expect a response to your query within xxxc hours.:

Maternity Appointments 0208 539 6861
Maternity Scan Appointments 0208 539 6861
Maternity Day Assessment Unit
Maternity Triage
Labour Ward
Mulberry Ward 

Visiting hours
Mulberry Ward 0800-2000 (for 2 birthing partner)
Labour Ward 24 hours (for 2 birthing partner)
Lilac Birth Centre –Open 24 hours (2 birthing partners
Neonatal Unit 24 hours

Patient engagement
We have a Patient Experience Team and a Community Engagement Officer to support us in hearing from the women and families we provide care to. We collate feedback from women and their family at each contact through the Friends and Family Test (FFT).The  results are shared on a National database. We work very closely with our Maternity Voices Partnership to include the community in co-producing their care.

Subsidised parking permits can be given for your stay, please purchase a ticket from the machine for £2.50 for each day and our receptionist can organise a permit which you will need to display on your dashboard.  

Eating and drinking in or near the hospital
There are vending machines for snacks and drinks on the ground floor at reception and on the first floor at the lobby in front of the lift. We have a M&S next to the maternity building that is open 7 days a week (7am-8.30pm Monday to Friday and 8am-7.30pm Saturdays and Sundays) and a hospital canteen and coffee shop at Junction 4 of the main hospital.

Access to your hospital records
Please find the link below to request access to your hospital records 

Rosebud (Bereavement Clinic)

Maternity Bereavement Services
If you are on this webpage because your baby has died, either before or after birth, we are so sorry for your loss. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family. We offer a holistic bereavement service to provide emotional and practical support during this challenging time. All Midwives at Whipps Cross Hospital are trained in Bereavement care, so they can support you through your labour and birth.

In addition to this, we also have our dedicated Bereavement Midwives who can provide practical and emotional support for you during the immediate time, after a pregnancy loss and the weeks that follow and continue to keep in contact with you until after your follow-up appointment with our Bereavement  care lead consultant.

Facilities and support available
The Early Gynae Assessment Unit (EGU) offers access to sonography and advice for women up to 17+6 weeks pregnant experiencing symptoms such as bleeding and pain. Referral is via GP or midwife. Direct line is: 02085356499. Our EGU team has a dedicated counselling room in the clinic area  to provide a much needed private space to take in information when difficult news is given following ultrasound scan or screening tests. 

Our Rosebud bereavement suites enable parents to have time throughout their stay.  They provide a private and quiet space but located within the delivery suite to enable on-going care from midwifery staff and  with the facilities of double bed, bathroom and kitchenette.  During your stay in our Rosebud Suites, midwives will encourage you to spend time as a family, with the opportunity to have baby by the bedside in one of our cold cots according to parents’ individual wishes.

If you wish, our  midwives can offer help and support with creating memories, like  taking hand and footprints, photographs, memory boxes and teddy bears.

An annual Service of Remembrance is held each year by our Trust- for further details please contact our Chaplaincy Team by calling 02035942070. A Baby Loss Awareness Week (BLAW)  takes place between 9–15 October each year and offers a wonderful opportunity to bring people who have been affected by baby loss together as a community, so that they know that they're not alone. For further details please contact our Bereavement Midwives, Sibilla Grasso and Rhiannan Bartlett can be contacted on 07944106645/ 02085356835, Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Research opportunities

The Women’s Health research team at Whipps Cross Hospital is made up of two dedicated research midwives (Prudence and Sophie). We run multiple studies researching topics in women’s health, covering gynaecology and obstetrics.

If you want to take part in any of our research studies, please feel free to get in touch. Here are the research studies that we are currently recruiting for:


  • C-STICH2 - Looking into whether an emergency cervical stitch (cerclage) prevents miscarriage and preterm birth
  • CRAFT - Looking into the role of a previous emergency Caesarean birth in labour on the future risk of preterm birth
  • CERM - Looking at the role of an inflamed womb (endometritis) and recurrent miscarriage
  • RETHINK - Looking at the impact of greater fear and anxiety around pain and when women are admitted to hospital in labour, their labour choices and birth outcomes
  • LOCI - Looking at the use of Letrozole or Clomifene with or without Metformin for ovulation induction in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • ACROBAT - Giving cryoprecipitate (a type of blood product) early when women have severe bleeding in childbirth to see it helps reduce the need for transfusion, surgery or intensive care
  • PANDA - Preventing anaemia in pregnancy to prevent health problems for mum and baby. Trying to work out the best dose of iron supplements to give to women who are not anaemic. We have a dedicated patient network group in East London called Katie’s Team, please contact us if you would like to know more or to get involved. We are always happy to answer questions if you have any; our mobile number is 07552267922 or please email us at